GFEA for transport

Generators are designed to extinguish a fire on the rolling stock of railway transport , including electric and diesel trains, locomotives. Generators can be used to extinguish fires in public and industrial buildings, as well as stationary means for the prevention of fire situations, limiting the spread and elimination of fires in machinery and their mines, pumping and Luggage
compartments, cargo areas of sea and inland water transport, as well as on the objects of their infrastucture.

GFEA STp-1400

GFEA STp-1400

• Mass - 3,9 kg • Dimensions - 220х84 mm • Volume protected- 28 m³ • Active period - 35 s • Operational temperature range - ±50°С

GFEA STp-2400

GFEA STp-2400

• Mass - 5,2 kg • Dimensions - 220х110 mm • Volume protected- 48 m³ • Active period - 50 s • Operational temperature range - ±50°С


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