Our customers

During the long time we have gained recognition amongst out customers and the authority amongst the producers of fire-fighting systems and related equipment. There are many well-known state structures, as well as large trading houses (here we share a few examples of them).

Howhere, our plant cooperates with various companies that have been satisfied with our work for many years.

What makes us different from identical enterprises engaged in this area is the quality and cost of equipment, as well as the efficiency of our team.

  • Russian Railways

  • Moscow Metropolitan

  • Ministry of Defense

  • EMERCOM of Russia

  • NLMK

  • Russian River Register

  • Demikhovo Machinebuilding Plant

  • Rosneft

  • Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

  • The Moscow canal

  • Moscow Cable Plant

  • Ministry of justice

  • BrokInvestService

  • Russian Telecommunications company

  • Russian energy company


Moscow, 8 Tekstilshikov st.,11



Moscow region, Orehovo-zuevskii district, Sobolevo

Procutement office: info@sobolevski.com

Sales department : zakaz@sobolevski.com

Bank details:

LLC  Sobolevsky plant

TIN 7723827028

TRRC 503401001

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