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Application area

The range of applications of generators, which are used for extinguishing sealed areas and in particular Class A - Combustion of solids, Class B - Combustion of liquid substances, Class E - Combustion of objects that are under voltage  - is quite wide:

Производственные помещения

Manufacturing facilities (workshops, manufacturing plants, factories)


Warehouses, storage facilities

Жилые помещения

Any types of properties that fall under the category of residential dwellings, including mobile units (apartment buildings, cottages, bathhouses)


Fire-hazardous compartments in buses, trains, trolleybuses, special types of transportation units (military, agricultural, cargo), marine vessels

Кабельные тоннели

Panels, cabinets, communication network tunnels, rooms with complex equipment (server cabinets, cable tunnels)


Boiler rooms (heating, industrial and mixed types)


Laboratories of scientific and educational institutions

Трансформаторные подстанции

Transformer substations, switchboard rooms, telecommunications facilities, radio nodes, diesel-generator installations

Administrative buildings (offices and other premises of business centers)


Garages, (covered / indoor) parking, multiple layer parking

Санитарно-бытовые комнаты

Sanitary facilities, utility rooms


Energy-production facilities (nuclear stations, power plants)

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